On this page you can (hopefully) can view blessings posted to Bookaroundtheworld's social media accounts, mostly instagram. But here we will show you some of the blessings already written in some of the books.


"My dear friend, I wish you the strength to change paths, if you can't walk the old paths anymore. May your wishes be all fulfilled, except one so you always have something to chase after/look forward to. Your day will be great through all the little things. Take your strength from elements we all can access. I believe in you and my heart is with you. You can do anything. My blessing is with you."

Her daughter also had a blessing. But she mostly draw her blessing. Still a great blessing nonetheless. And she also wrote on the same page as her drawing:"My family". In this book everyone can write their blessings down.


The book is on a journey around the world and you can follow it

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