Bookaroundtheworld is a project created by Gertie Gienow and it's purpose is to gather blessings from several people from different parts in this world. The idea behind this is the more blessings there are the more positive changes in the world can happen. Blessings can take us through our most difficult times and give us strength in times of desperation. So for this purpose Gertie Gienow has three books for people to write in. Those books are sent to a person who then writes their blessings for another person or an animal or for something completely different in this book. This person then sends the book to another person, and this person does the same. Don't worry if you can't write or read, let someone help you or just draw your blessing in the book. It's the intention that makes the difference.


"The type of blessing is not important, as long as it is loving and selfless, that is to say for other people, animals, plants, the earth, and social or ecological projects. Bookaroundtheworld may bring joy to you and others, and we can only achieve this together."

Don't worry it's not hard to use this book. You just take the next empty page and write your blessing in there. You can use names if you want but it's not necessary, the same goes with your adress or the person you send your blessing to. It would be helpful to include a name and a an address because Gertie Gienow wants to revisit all your blessings and maybe even talk to you or the person you give your blessing. When the book is full, please send it back to Gertie Gienow. Her address is in the book or on this website. In the end, when all books returned safely, Gertie Gienow will write a book about all your blessings and what may changed, and half the money earned by selling this book, will go to the projects or organisations mentioned in the books. You can also share your experiences with the books on social media, they are linked on the bottom of this page. We would be glad to hear from you.

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